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2020...so far

Who knew we'd be living during any of this?

What a year it has been! I would have never thought that I would be living at a time like this. I thought my senior year would be one filled with friends, trips, and senioritis. Instead school has shut down and been cancelled for the rest of the year. Now I long to go to school! (Never thought I'd say that!) The past five weeks have honestly been so crazy! Is it the same for you guys? I mean it's not like we started the year off super well anyways. We had the Australian fires that took over the news. Then we had the rumors of World War III. Wouldn't that have crazy? Then this pandemic?! What crazy times! Over here where I live we've been getting earthquakes and aftershocks quite frequently since everything was shut down. Quite scary if you ask me! And on top of all of that, we found out that a couple that lives right down the street were killed this morning. It's heartbreaking! I didn't really know him, but I did know her. They were the cutest family ever with 3 kids and themselves. They are looking for the killer. Hopefully we are able to figure this out before whoever it is does anything else. If any of you are interested, they have a GoFundMe  account to support the family through this tragedy. I will post it at the end of this post. I just hope all of you are holding to your loved ones, even if it's from a distance. We can come together as a community and try to make this whole situation just a little bit better. If you're up to the challenge, write a note and put it on someone's door. Show them you care!  My family went and did this to my grandparents. It was so sweet to be able to talk to them. (But don't worry we talked from our car and them from their doorways) Sent a text to someone, call them if you feel brave enough. It really does mean a lot. Just because we are social distancing, doesn't mean we have to be socially distant. I hope that we can spread love and try to make this hard time a little less scary!


Genetically engineering people?

What do you think?
So I got to watch a movie today in my medical assisting class. Have any of you seen "My Sisters Keeper?" If you haven't, I totally recommend it! But it does contain an ethical issue and I want to know your thoughts on it. Would you or would you not put a sperm and egg together in a test tube and then modify its genes so that when it is born it will be a perfect match for another child of yours who is deathly ill? 

I personally wouldn't. I think that a person has the right to be able to live a normal life. They shouldn't have to give their body up for someone else to have a better life. We each have rights, and I believe that we should be able to choose what happens to our bodies.

Let me know what you think!

First Game

First game of region! We were so pumped today, ready to take the 'W'. Everyone dressed nice and was ready to have a blast! This past week my coach switched my position so I wasn't playing libero which was a big relief! Through out all of our practices since then coach has been playing me as a right side or and outside. So as usual, I was so pumped for the game and couldn't wait to be hitting front row again! Well... turns out I wasn't on the same page as my coach. The first set we won 25-7, the second set was 25-6, and the third set was 25-7. So we played really well the the other team wasn't so good. Coach played every single person on the bench, which honestly NEVER happens. Oh wait... all of them but me. I was the only person who wasn't able to go out and play. Not only that but this is my senior year so I wasn't able to play my first region game of the year either. Which is really weird because before this point I had started every single game. The coaches even told one of the girls that played she would probably not play at all this season. I don't even know what to do. Should I just sit silently or ask him about it? 


So this past weekend my mom's side of the family came over to watch the live action Aladdin in my backyard. Am I the only person that loves my family to death, but can only tolerate certain family members for a short period of time? Don't get me wrong, I love my family to death, but there are just sometimes man! But I guess it's okay. We did have quite a bit of fun! Each family brought some sort of snack to share. We had gummy candies, chocolate candies, lollipops, s'mores, chips and salsa, and so much more! I mean seriously if you ever want to have a dance party, my door is always open!


This is more of a rant, but I need someone to know.

Some of you may have already known that I play volleyball. Anyways, tryouts were this past Monday and I was able make the cuts. I'm a senior, so I have to be on the varsity team. You may be wondering what the problem is. Just kidding you probably weren't wondering and could care less, but regardless I'm going to tell you anyways. So a little background real quick. My freshman year of high school I was cut from the team, so I came back the next year and fought harder to be on the team and made it. I've made the team every year after that. Anyways... most of the girls playing have been with each other for four years and most of them share the same culture, so they connect using that. To put it bluntly there are a few girls I can't really stand. For the most part they're all really nice, but there are just a few that I don't like being around. One of the girls is just straight up rude. In games it's funny because she could make any mistake that she wants and all she does is laugh it off. I personally don't care how you react to your mistakes, as long as you are really trying. If another person. who she's not friends with, makes a mistake she gets all made and makes really rude comments about your abilities. Or as she puts it, our "lack of abilities." I have loved volleyball since I first picked up the ball, but when this particular girl is around, I find that I dread going to practice. Any suggestions for what I should do? I'm also a quiet person who tries to avoid contention which makes this whole situation irritating. 

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing day!


School is a week away and I have mixed feelings about it! Would I be weird if I said I'm slightly excited for school? Yep, most definitely! It'll be my last year of highschool so I'm just excited for the fun! You know, the friends, sports... ya that's it. I'm still dreading all the homework. I'm not gonna lie though, I've kind of missed it, but only a little bit. I'm just hoping to make this year the best! How am I going to do that? Well, let me tell you. First off, I'm sort of an introvert. I've got my friends and that's the extent of who I know. This year's goal is to reach out and make my bestest friends. My mom once told me that senior year is the last year you may see any of these people. After that everyone is busy with life, so make the most of senior year! Reaching outside of my comfort zone to make friends and keeping the ones that I still have. It may be uncomfortable, but was life ever made to be just comfortable?? Nope! So I'll just make myself uncomfortable rather than life forcing it upon me. I'm going to make sure I make time for things other than school work. School is a huge priority in my life, but fun is too! So we'll find a balance for that. Attending school function (dances, games, competitions, plays, etc.) is one of my last big things for making this year one for the books! So, wish me luck!

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I'm Jojo! I'm just another girl wanting to enjoy life! Since I'm introducing myself I'll let you know that I love to read, write and play volleyball! I could do each of them all day long. Actually that's a lie, after a while of volleyball, I get pretty tired. That's the human in me though! I have red hair and blue eyes and I'm short. I'll post more that'll be about me, so have a great day!

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